Cornwall & Devon's premium local baker

The exceptional quality of our products sets us apart and allows us to maintain a wide and loyal client base. We source as many ingredients locally as possible in order to produce the finest, freshest products. Our products are made by real people. The quality of our food is maintained not by robot analysis but by the expertise and experience of traditional bakers.

Westcountry Bakery is situated in Torpoint, Cornwall and was established in Looe in 1980. Originally named Looe Bakery, in the year 2000, the business moved site from Looe to Torpoint and changed names to reflect the different business area. Since 2000, Tristan Lewis and Tony Robb have been the directors of the business. Tristan has been involved with the bakery business for most of his life, having been the son of the original owners Ron and Chrissie Lewis. Tony also has flour coursing through his veins, having trained with Warrens of Plymouth before starting his own bakery in Callington. Over 30 years on and the business still adheres to its original principles: high quality, early deliveries and fair price.

So what sets us apart from other bakers in Devon and Cornwall?

Westcountry Bakery are traditional bakers. We make bread the way it has been made for hundreds of years.

Our breads are made using leavens and sourdoughs, with the shortest ingredient listings you will find. All our products are hand made with the quality control only experienced craftsmen can produce. This is why Westcountry Bakery bread is as good today as it has always been.

Our team of bakers bake fresh bread through the night to bring you the freshest possible bread every morning. We only source the highest quality local ingredients, to bring you the most delicious bread you will ever taste.